Cleaning products

With our edges and adhesives, we also offer a huge scale of cleaners. Not only from our brand, but also from our partners. Riepe and Jowat. Cleaners are very important in the manufacturing process. They are needed for manufacturing furniture without any grime or dirt, which can be made during the manufacturing process.

For every kind of gluing machine, we have special cleaners.

407 - RI 407

1 l (UN 1993), 10 l (UN1993), 30 l (UN1993)

856 - Cleaner

LP 120/12 30l

LP 163/93 - RI 006

10 l (UN1993), 30 l (UN1993)

LP 289/99 - RI 403

10 l (UN1987), 30 l (UN1987)