Design edges

Unique edges, which in design are far better than any other edges on the market. To manufacture them, we use many different materials, such as aluminium, stone, or different kinds of metal.

HD 293740 - ABS Mirror Smooth

22x1mm Gloss 90°, 45x1mm Gloss 90°, 330x1mm Gloss 90°

HD 29661 - ABS Brushed Alu

22x0,5mm, 22x1mm, 22x2mm, 23x2mm P, 42x0,5mm, 45x2mm, 330x0,5mm, 330x1mm, 330x2mm, 22x0,5mm Preglued, 42x0,5mm Preglued

HD 29782 - ABS Alu Smooth

22x0,5mm, 22x2mm, 45x2mm, 330x0,5mm, 330x2mm, 22x0,5mm Preglued