HRANICOLL D3 - PVAc Dispersive Adhesive

HRANICOLL D3 - PVAc Dispersive Adhesive

High quality PVAc D3 adhesive with higher heat resistence (Watt´91) HRANICOLL D3 is suitable for all types of bonded joints where higher moisture resistence is required. Due to its wide use it is a universal adhesive.

  • Bonding hard and soft wood
  • Bonding joints such as doors, windows and furniture
  • Bonding DTD and other wood-based materials
  • Bonding parquet
  • Bonding laminate and veneer floors


High quality PVAc Hranicoll D3 in transparent color has a wide range of applications. However, there are several limitations. It necessary to avoid contact with alkaline substrates or with iron, tanniferous wood may discolour. It is for all bonding purposes requiring increased resistance to wet environments, e. g. For doors, windows and furniture in high-humidity areas. General-purpose adhesive for soft and hardwood bonding, as well as for particleboard and other wood-based substrates, for high frequency bonding, also for laying parquet and laminate (tongue-and-groove) flooring and for veneering purposes.

Min. temperature for materials,
glue and room air:
15 °C (not identical with min. temp. of
formation) film formation)
Glue application: one-or two-sided
Quantity applied: 150-200 g/m2
Processing time: max. 5 h
Open time: 5-8 min
Pressure: >0,5 N/mm2
Min. pressing time:
50 °C:
90 °C:
approx. 30 min
approx. 4 min
approx. 1.5 min

Viscosity (Brookfield): approx. 12,000 mPas
Solids: approx. 50%
pH value: approx. 3.2
Min. temperature of film formation: approx. 4°C
Appearance of the dry glue film: colourless translucent


May be stored for 6 months after date of delivery ex production site in properly closed original containers, cool and dry (15-25°C). Protect against frost!


Reactive PVAc dispersions may undergo an increase in viscosity during the storage period, due to their components. Higher temperatures contribute to this increase in viscosity. The product should therefore be stirred before use. Before use in production, you must perform your own tests and test all the substrates for bonding.

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HRANICOLL D3 - PVAc Dispersive Adhesive 800 ml
800 ml