HRANICOLL D3 SMART - PVAc Dispersive Adhesive

HRANICOLL D3 SMART - PVAc Dispersive Adhesive

High quality dispersion adhesive for gluing joints in interiors. The adhesive is moisture resistant, however it does not resist to durable water influence. Due to its wide usage it is a universal adhesive.


  • bonding hard and soft wood
  • bonding veneers
  • bonding joints such as doors, windows and furniture
  • bonding DTD and other wood-based materials
  • bonding parquets, laminate and veneer floors


Hranicoll D3 smart is an adhesive based on PVAc. It has milk-transparent colour. It has a wide range of applications. Thanks to its higher moisture and heat resistance you will use it not only in interiors but also in roofed exteriors.

Min. temperature for materials, glue and room 15 °C
Quantity applied 150–200 g/m2
Open time 12–15 min
Pressure > 0,5 N/mm2
Min. pressing time:
50 °C
90 °C
Viscosity 9,000 +/- 1,500 mPas
Solids cca 50 %
pH 4.5 +/- 0.5  
MFT cca 4 °C


May be stored for 6 months after date of delivery ex production site in properly closed original containers, cool and dry (5–35 °C). Protect against frost.


You can use any of the common application ways. Mix the adhesive before usage. Test all materials appointed to usage.

Avoid any contact to iron, color metal (brass, zinc, tin, copper, aluminium) or alcalic materials. Make sure the glued wood does not content any tannin which could change its color after usage the Hranicoll D3 smart.

After use machines and equipment can be cleaned with cold or warm water with help Hraniclean 07 Cleaning Concentrate.

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