JOWACOLL 103.05 - PVAc Dispersive Adhesive

JOWACOLL 103.05 - PVAc Dispersive Adhesive
Dispersion adhesive for all bonding purposes requiring increased resistance to wet environments. For bonding wood materials.



  • doors, windows
  • furniture in high-humidity areas
  • soft and hard wood particleboards
  • laying parquet and laminate (tongue-andgroove) flooring
  • veneer materials


Jowacoll 103.05 is a reactive PVAc dispersion adhesive. It is colorless. Meets requirements according to durability class D3, after addition of 5% Jowat Crosslinking Agent 195.40.



Store in the original packaging in a dry and cold place for a period indicated on the label at temperatures of +15 to +25 °C. Protect against frost!


It is recommended to mix the adhesive before application. During storage at higher temperatures the adhesive Jowacoll 103.05 may increase his viscosity. The adhesive is applied by standard application methods on one or both sides. The adhesive Jowacoll 103.05 is unsuitable for alkaline materials, tanniferous wood may discolor. The minimum temperature of the adhesive and air in the environment and the bonded materials is 15 °C, not identical to the MFT, i.e. when the adhesive begins to stick.

All parts of materials with the adhesive should be made of V4A steel (possibility higher quality) or of inert plastics, e.g. teflon, PP and polyamide. Avoid contact of the adhesive with iron and colored metals like zinc, brass, copper, aluminum and others.  

After the usage, you may clean the machines and equipment by Hraniclean 07.

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