JOWAT 950.20 - Urea-formaldehyde resin

JOWAT 950.20 - Urea-formaldehyde resin

Urea-formaldehyde based resin for thermal curing.


  • bonding veneer
  • bonding decor paper
  • bonding HPL and CPL materials to wood-based substrates in warm and hot presses
  • also for solid wood bonding
  • frequently used in HF presses for the manufacture of multilayer formed parts


Jowat 950.20 is a powder glue, low in formaldehyde, with integrated hardener and organic thickeners in exact dosage, hardly any bleeding through.


Packaging and storage:

Store in original and closed package at temperature 15–25 °C. Best-before date, please refer to label on the packaging unit. Higher temperature shortens the minimal usage date.  


Apply using an applicator with rollers, spatula or brush. Glue quantity must be spread according to the type of the materials involved (generally between 100 and 200 g/m2). The press operating pressure depends on the materials used, ranging from 0,8 to 2 kg /cm2.

For HPL, CPL and veneers, the common layer has 80–150 g/m2, for decor papers it is 50–70 g/m2. In case of difficult veneers are to be bonded, we recommend mixing the glue with 10–20 % of Jowacoll 113.10 in order to improve the adhesion. Also increase the pressure.

The gluing mixture should preferably be prepared in non-metallic vessels, or in stainless steel recipient.


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JOWAT 950.20 - Urea-formaldehyde resin 25 kg
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