HRANITHERM 617.00 Natural - EVA Hot Melt

HRANITHERM 617.00 Natural - EVA Hot Melt
Medium-filled beige (natur) hot melt adhesive based on EVA in granules is designed for gluing furniture edges. The adhesive is characterized by its quality and wide range of applications.


  • gluing of ABS edges with primer
  • gluing of melamine (FALZ) edges
  • gluing of veneer edges
  • gluing of PVC and PP edge


    Hranitherm 617.00 EVA-based hot melt adhesive in beige color is suitable for edge application on edge banding machines with medium and higher feed speed. It is characterized by higher heat resistance, medium open time, good bond strength and clean work without the formation of unwanted threads. Also available in white colour (Hranitherm 617.01).

    Brookfield viscosity (200°C at 27/2 rpm) 55 000–75 000 mPas
    Softening point (ring and ball method) 96 °C
    Density at 20°C 1,30 g/cm3
    Suitable working conditions:
    Temperature in vessel
    Temperature on roller
    Material moisture content
    Ideal feed rate
    Pressure on snub rollers


    Keep in original container. If stored in closed containers in a cold and dry place at the temperatures not exceeding 20°C, the shelf life is 24 months.


    When using the hot melt adhesive, observe the application temperature and check it on a regular basis by measuring on the roller or nozzle. The temperature shown on the edge-banding machine control panel may differ from the actual temperature. Lower temperature of the adhesive may affect its open time and consequently impair the bonded joint quality. At a higher temperature, the adhesive may degrade, which affects its colour, viscosity and adhesion. When banding edges from various materials, regular testing of banding strength and quality is advisable. Recommended temperature of the environment and materials is

    Clean any residual adhesive on furniture elements using Hraniclean 01 (08). In glue pots use Jowat 236.50.

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