HRANITHERM 851 White - PUR Hot Melt

HRANITHERM 851 White - PUR Hot Melt

Reactive PUR hot melt adhesive for application furniture edges on edge banding machines.


  • gluing ABS edges with primer
  • gluing laminate edges
  • gluing veneer edges
  • gluing PVC and PP edges


Filled hot melt adhesive Hranitherm 851 PUR in cartridges is intended to glue furniture edges on professional edge banding machines. With this way of gluing a joint with high resistance to water and heat is created. Great results with the roller and nozzle application.

  • High green strength
  • Clean machining
  • Easy processing due to controlled reactivity
  • High heat resistance and cold flexibility after crosslinking
Adhesive type Polyurethane
Form Cartridge in aluminium foil
Colour White
Viscosity, Brookfield 140 °C 65 000 ± 15 000 mPas
Open time ~ 10 sec
Application temperature 140 – 160 °C
Reaction time 5 – 7 days
VOC content 0 g/l
Density 1,3 g/cm


2,5 kg cartridge in aluminium foil. Shelf life is 12 months from the production date in optimal storage conditions (cool and dry; 15 - 25 °C) in intact packaging.



When using the hot melt adhesive, check the application temperature on a regular basis by measuring on the roller or nozzle. The temperature shown on the edge-banding machine control panel may differ from the actual temperature. Lower temperature of the adhesive may affect its open time and consequently impair the bonded joint quality. At a higher temperature, the adhesive may degrade, which affects its colour, viscosity, and adhesion. When banding edges from various materials, regular testing of banding strength and quality is advisable. Recommended temperature of the environment and materials is 15–25°C.

Clean not-crosslinked residual adhesive on furniture elements using Hraniclean 01 (08). In the melting system use PUR-cleaner 890 in cartridge or granules for flushing the glue out, PUR-cleaner 892 HL for cleaning of the crosslinked glue.

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HRANITHERM 851 White - PUR Hot Melt 2,5 kg patrona
2,5 kg patrona