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Export training sessions

Export training

Sales management training workshop was held in Humpolec recently. We hosted our sales representatives from TIS Serbia and Eurolam Croatia.

Enjoy comfort to the full

This year, Hranipex was once again at the largest international trade fair: Interzum 2019 in Cologne. Our stand was fitted out in the spirit of personal care and perfect service. This corresponds exactly to what we regularly offers its customers in the field of furniture edge banding. 
Interzum Enjoy the Comfort

Senosan glass-like boards

Just imagine what you can make with a glass-like board

Discover a new dimension of quality. Luxury furniture veneers now in 1mm thickness.

Veneer edges play a crucial role in the manufacture of premium modern furniture. When working with veneered boards, you can't do without them. We have reacted to your requirements and now also offer selected timbers in a width of one millimetre. In this way we are giving your product a whole new dimension and moving quality up to the next level. Easier veneering, great robustness and premium workmanship even at first sight.
Discover the benefits of exclusive veneer décor.

There is only one best solution

At Hranipex, we love detail. On one hand, we know that for you, joiners, an edge isn’t something that you would lose sleep over (and if it is, one of our 120 experts is probably already on his way to help you fine-tune the edge banding process). On the other hand, we also know that if this detail doesn't work, the whole workshop comes to a halt. This is what we have strived to avoid over the last 25 years. And we are really good at it.

HRANIPEX TRAINING 2018 – Northern European Countries

On September 26th - 28th our sales management training workshop was held in the Hranipex headquarters in Czechia for our sales representatives from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Latvia and Estonia.

Meet us at Sicam

The long-awaited trade fair is less than a month away! Meet us at Sicam in Italy, the World's leading trade fair for the furniture industry. 


HraniRun no.1

The first open annual charity HraniRun attracted dozens of enthusiastic athletes not only from Hranipex company but also from the public and abroad. The aim of the run was (in addition to the joy of sport) to help the mentally disabled and handicapped children.


The secret of perfection is revealed

To get an invisible joint between an edge and a chipboard you do not have to turn the light off in your workshop. Thanks to our new colour range of adhesives
you can be sure not to see any joint day or night.

Excellent results can be achieved by using the adhesive perfectly matched to the colour and structure of the board and the edge. Another requirement is to choose an adhesive that is specialised to the relevant edge banding machine to achieve quality results.

Which adhesive to choose? We have a range of new products added to our collection of stock:

· Regular and successful adhesives 600.30 and 600.70 EVA based were manufactured in a black version, ideal for black decors of furniture.
· Slightly filled adhesives 600.70 and 600.71 together with 1000.70 and 1000.71 increase our range of cartridge EVA based adhesives to the highest quality. These cartridges are available in natural and white, ready for light decors of furniture.
· For excellent results of edge banding in manual machines just use our new EVA based adhesive 605.21 in white.
· Transparent unfilled EVA based adhesive 608.30 and filled natural adhesive 608.80 are the right choice for small to medium types of edge banding machines using the application temperatures between 180 to 200°C and the feed rate of 4 to 8 metres per minute.
· Finally, we recommend a new all-purpose adhesive product helping in both indoor and outdoor gluing, perfectly resistant PVAc dispersion adhesive Hranicoll D4. It can be used for sticking flat joints requiring high weather resistance, resistance in temperature excursions and is also moisture resistant. This product is perfect to use for gluing Windows, doors, joints, layered pieces etc.

To summarise there are a lot of new products, if you want any further information please contact your local Area Sales Manager. All leaflets are available here.

Playful and colourful Easter

Every spring brings an explosion of colours. Many of them are reflected in collections of trend decors of the main furniture melamine boards producers. In response to these trends we match new ABS furniture edges for all joiners to have a full range of components for their furniture production. After finishing a complete range od edges fitting to the new Krono Global Collection 2018-2022 we focused on news of another important producer, Fundermax. So new colour shades find their place in our colourful collection. Online list of new decors can be found in web category New Decors. At the same time we started to update our matching tables for our Hranipex ABS edge collection to reflect the recent look of melamine boards being on the market. With coming spring we are anxious to other new projects!