May 2015

Tips on high-quality gluing for furniture

It’s clear that the manufacture and subsequent modification of furniture can only be achieved with the high-quality use of adhesives. This applies to gluing together individual parts as well as gluing on furniture edging. What type of glue do you need to choose, however, to achieve the best quality bond?

The furniture edge always plays a decisive role in how the whole furniture piece is perceived

The way any product is perceived depends on the details, and the same rule applies to furniture. Even if the material used is wonderful and the design flawless, if the right edge hasnt been selected or been poorly glued on, the client will notice straightaway.

Don’t be afraid to touch!

All pieces of furniture are made from many different components. One of these is the ABS edge. Alone it would be useless, but when put hand in hand with sheet material it works like a glove which fit in perfect harmony together. Customers expect a perfect result and the objective of all furniture manufacturers is to ensure their customers recieve complete satisfaction.