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Don’t be afraid to touch!

All pieces of furniture are made from many different components. One of these is the ABS edge. Alone it would be useless, but when put hand in hand with sheet material it works like a glove which fit in perfect harmony together. Customers expect a perfect result and the objective of all furniture manufacturers is to ensure their customers recieve complete satisfaction.

In recent years we have observed a new direction being taken. Leading manufacturers of sheet material are striving to mimic the appearance of natural wood as closely as possible.  Colour and surface texture are the most important factors determining the perfect result.  We now find a wide range of shades, intricate prints and types of structure and finishes on the market. Each type of wood has its own distinctive wood pattern and individual lines which need to be imitated.

As a leading manufacturer and seller of furniture edges, Hranipex has recognised this trend in good time and adapted to it. This means we now already offer more than 60 different kinds of impressions ranging from smooth, a pearl series to a great many porous wood decors. The end result has to  feel as flawless and natural as possible.

Our surface structure is able to lift the base colour and highlight the areas intended.

The coarse surface structure we offer highlights the selected print unit, and is even able to merge to perfection with the base print and copy individual lines. The result is natural wood so similar that you cannot possibly notice the difference.

By contrast, the delicate pearl surface structure has a calming effect and thanks to the subtle tone, doesn’t detract from the basic colour.

Just as nature astounes us with its diversity, so too does the world of ABS furniture edges and sheet material with its endless offer of surface structures to meet the individual requirements of the insightful market.

The best way for us to show you this diversity is for us  to invite you to take a peek at our diverse range of ABS edge samples.