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The furniture edge always plays a decisive role in how the whole furniture piece is perceived

The way any product is perceived depends on the details, and the same rule applies to furniture. Even if the material used is wonderful and the design flawless, if the right edge hasnt been selected or been poorly glued on, the client will notice straightaway.

Already when selecting a suitable edge, it’s essential to not only consider the type, whether you need ABS edgesmelamine edges or special design edges, but above all the finish, ensuring it matches the furniture panel design being used as closely as possible.

Yet this is just the first step since the actual work with the specific edge also assumes an important role. To ensure the edge is properly glued not only requires adhering to the correct technological approach, but above all, using quality components – both in terms of adhesives as well as cleaning agents since only the correctly selected products will guarantee proper gluing of the surface material on the given banding machine and significantly impacts on the subsequent functionality of the whole connection. In terms of cleaning agents, it is important to choose one that doesn’t contain any aggressive solvents which could weaken the entire glued connection. The separate types of cleaning agents are characterised in terms of specific parameters and method of use. For instance the flagship of the Hraniclean group is the hand-operated cleaning agent Hraniclean 01, boasting unique cleaning strength and a gentle citrus aroma.

The field of adhesives presents a plethora of options and types of specialised products. When selecting the right one, it is important to be guided by the technology used but also by experience and practice gained. Aerosol contact adhesives forms a separate chapter, an example of which is Hranifix. The production process can be viewed on Youtube. For both cleaned and glued surfaces, the adhesive is applied at a distance of 15-25 cm from the glued material surface. For optimal spread, the adhesive on the surface should produce a coating reminiscent of a spider’s web. After applying the layer, the adhesive is to be left to air for around 3 minutes and once the solvent has been evaporated, both surfaces are joined together and strongly compressed or stamped together.

During the furniture production process, however, it’s not only important to select the right edge, cleaning agents and adhesives plus make the correct connection from a technological perspective, but above all to work with enthusiasm and a love for the craft since this is always what shows the most on the final product.