January 2018

Edges for new Kronospan products

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As a proud authorized partner of Kronospan, we have been offering, since December 2017, the full set of high-quality ABS edges for the new collection of laminated wood chipboards Kronospan Global Collection 2018-2022.

The collection, comprising 163 finish versions, includes also 54 new products for which we designed edges that are as identical as possible. Other finish versions already have a fixed place in our collection of ABS edges, as they had proven their worth throughout the long years of their use by our customers. These finish versions are among the most popular in the European market.

Thanks to the many years of experience and a thorough preparation, we are able to find an ideal harmony between our furniture edges and the Kronospan laminated boards in terms of both colours and structure.

And what is interesting – the newly designed wood finish versions were manufactured using a new unique method which eliminates the effect of metamerism, i.e. a phenomenon where a single colour shade looks differently in various light conditions. Consequently, our new wood finish versions will retain the same colour shade in any light conditions. This unique manufacturing procedure has only been introduced in practice in 2017. We are proud to be the sole authorized manufacturer and distributor of edges who has such technology available for the new products in the Kronospan global collection.

We know the needs of our customers in the different markets and, therefore, we have a broad range of dimensional series for stock items available to this end. For most finish version in this collection, we offer thickness of 0.45 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm.

The most frequently used edge width is 22 mm, which is ideal to glue to laminated boards with thickness of 18 mm; another highly demanded edge width is 42 mm. Additional versions are also available in stock. In case of a specific requirement, we can easily prepare tailor-made edges thanks to the flexible background of our manufacturing department.

Hranipex provides solutions for all Kronospan design finish versions in the standard surface finish options, corresponding to the board surfaces (SM, PE, SU, BS, SN, PW, PR).

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All items are in stock and ready for immediate distribution!

Give your furniture an attractive appearance and a long life by combining Kronospan laminated boards and Hranipex ABS edges. We look great together!