Senosan glass-like boards

Just imagine what you can make with a glass-like board

How about a kitchen with a perfectly smooth surface and an impressive sheen? The new flat material Acryl Glass from Senosan, which perfectly imitates glass thanks to its precise lacquering and smart depth work, is just right for such cases. At Hranipex we have complemented the Senosan range with carefully matched edges. And as a result, a comprehensive set of components has been created that includes everything you need for easy work with glass-effect designer boards.


The edge. The detail where the quality of the whole shines through.

We have patterned our glass-effect 3D acrylic edges using the same material that Senosan used to create its collection. They are identical. You can get them in gloss (TX) or matt (TM) finishes, always in one of eight colours. As a result, one edge always matches each Senosan flat material product perfectly.


Like glass. Just more practical.

Senosan Acryl Glass is a premium flat material for designer furniture. It is made by applying a 2 mm layer of transparent acrylic, polished to a high gloss or deep matt, to a coloured ABS baseboard. This thickness creates a 3D effect that supports the perfect illusion of a glass surface. But, of course, acrylic is significantly more practical than glass. It is light, robust, and resistant to scratching and cleaning materials.


Complete package. Happier work.

Ideally you will apply Senosan Acryl Glass to a 16 mm thick MDF board. As a counterbalancing layer Senosan has prepared a special 2 mm thick white material on the reverse side that prevents the board from warping. Thus, a board with a total thickness of 20 mm is created. Our 24 mm edges are prepared precisely for this and they therefore complete a set of components containing everything needed for easy work with glass-effect material.


So go to it – let it shine. There's no reason to wait.

Overview of Senosan Acryl Glass + Hranipex 3D Glass Effect sets


Senosan flat material

Surface finish

Hranipex edges


(identical flat material and edge)


Dimensions of edge

Senosan TopX Acryl Glass

high gloss

3D Acryl Glass Effect TX

white 11045

white 11145

white 11022

beige 7516

beige 7529

green 5367

grey 85474

grey 85648

24 × 1 mm

Senosan TopMatt Acryl


deep matt

3D Acryl Glass Effect TM

white 11045

white 11145

white 11022 beige 7516

beige 7529

green 5367

grey 85474

grey 85648


3D Acryl Glass Effect sets have 1 mm thick edges that are as easy to work with as any regular 3D acrylic edge. The 1 mm thickness gives you space to create a radius – a detail that shows up the depth of the material and convinces the eye that it is looking at glass.