Discover our complete collection of edges for trendy FunderMax laminated boards

FunderMax introduces its new trendy collection of laminated boards and we, as a partner for perfect design, have developed a complete range of edges for these decors.

The new collection of FunderMax laminated boards is defined by the terms exclusive, elegant and modern. It is based on the continuing trend of concrete structures. It develops a game with decors inspired by textile surfaces, includes decors imitating metal and, of course, brings original wood decors with a fine and distinctive structure. The collection places a strong emphasis on the significant effect of the surface, which we transferred to our edges, so that there is no doubt about the visual compactness of the material during gluing.

The collection includes 34 new trendy decors, which we offer in all common dimensions for your work without compromise. The primary edge dimensions for the FunderMax collection in this case are:

  • 23x1 mm
  • 23x2 mm

These two dimensions are ideal for a basic board thickness of 19 mm. In addition to all the trendy decors in our collection, you will also find another range of dimensions:

  • 33x1 mm
  • 33x2 mm
  • 43x1 mm
  • 43x2 mm

Nothing stands in the way of your creation and the wishes of your customers.
See below for one of the 34 decors, or visit our e-shop and discover them all.

HD 292325
HD 294039
HD 293340
HD 294049
HD 293393
HD 293395