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Edgebanding Has Never Been Easier with the New Hranitherm PUR Hot Melt Adhesives

We know from you, our loyal customers, how important is the perfect connection between the edge and the board. Especially for furniture threatened by moisture, heat, or steam. After two years of developing, testing, and listening to your wishes, we have created a portfolio of polyurethane hot melt adhesives for you under our brand. The current EVA hot melt adhesives have been complemented by the new Hranitherm PUR - hot melt PUR adhesive.

PUR, how did it start?

Bathroom furniture, kitchen, container transport of furniture. The joint between the edge and the board is more often exposed to risk factors such as hot air, temperature changes, steam, or humidity, We have been thinking about how to create hot-melt adhesives that can withstand adverse conditions and thus increase the quality of your glued joint. You will achieve a perfect and durable joining between any edge and board thanks to the new Hranitherm PUR hot melt adhesives and their strong chemical bond. The principle of their resistance is ensured by crosslinking the adhesive in reaction with air humidity.

Designed by customers, developed by experts

Hranitherm PUR hot melt adhesive is suitable for everyone. For large production and for those who are edgebanding less often. You can choose from several dimensions. The latest one is our 1 kg package of Hranitherm PUR mini-cartridges in aluminum foil suitable for smaller edgebanding machines with melting pots. No daily cleaning of the application equipment in the gluing machine after using PUR hot melt adhesives is needed thanks to these mini-cartridges Hranitherm PUR is reusable even after 48 hours in the gluing machine. You will save a lot of time, work, and also material.

The main advantages of Hranitherm PUR:
  • The bond has very high strength due to crosslinking.
  • It is waterproof – the great choice for kitchen and bathroom furniture.
  • Protects joining at extreme temperatures - from - 30 °C to + 150 °C.
  • Thanks to the lower amount of applied adhesive per m2 (100 - 120 g / m2) compared to EVA hot-melt adhesives, a minimal bond line is created, and the furniture looks better.
  • The joint is more resistant to wear and dirt.
  • You can handle gluing with your current technology for hot-melt adhesives. We will be happy to help you with that.
  • The cartridges are packed in an aluminium foil, which ensures universal use for all types of gluing machines.
You can order Hranitherm PUR a wide range of packages:
Hranitherm 830 PUR 2 kg catridge
Hranitherm 850 PUR 2,5 kg catridge
Hranitherm 851 PUR 2,5 kg catridge
Hranitherm 860 PUR 2 kg catridge
Hranitherm 861 PUR 2 kg catridge
Hranitherm 10.830 PUR 1 kg mini-catridge
Hranitherm 10.850 PUR 1 kg mini-catridge
Hranitherm 10.851 PUR 1 kg mini-catridge
Hranitherm 10.860 PUR 1 kg mini-catridge
Hranitherm 10.861 PUR 1 kg mini-catridge

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