Hot Air: It’s never been easier!

AdvantEdge® is a new edge that makes Hot Air edge-banding more accessible than ever before. How?

We keep your favorite decors in standard sizes for you in stock, in a high-gloss and matte version. You will receive them within 24 hours.

Stock Collection of AdvantEdge®

HU 108681-90°
HU 10482-90°
HU 19015-90°
HU 190720-3°
HU 170075-90°
HU 12514-90°
HU 108685-3°
HSE 101298-90°
HSE 198102-90°
HSE 298854-90°
HSE 127315-90°
HSE 297407-3°
HSE 298663-90°
HSE 187368-90°


  • Dimension 23 x 1 mm
  • MOQ = 10 m
  • Delivery up to 24 h

If you want a different colour or décor, just call our sales representative or assistance. We have developed AdvantEdge® in such a way that we can create its Hot Air layer from any design in our Hranipex collection. All you have to do is choose one of more than 1,660 edges.

Advantages of hot-air edge banding compared with conventional EVA- and APAO-based hot adhesives:

  • invisible join between the board and edge thanks to a functional layer individually coloured with the same shade as the edge used,
  • colour of layer matched with any décor,
  • higher heat resistance of glued join compared to EVA and APAO glues,
  • easy and effective edge-banding process:
    • heating up the glue is not required, which makes the initiation of production faster,
    • banding defects caused by the ingress of dirt to the glue are excluded,
    • less cleaning due to the use of precise amounts of glue,
    • less hassle with purchasing and storing glues.

of using AdvantEdge® edges during production of furniture compared to painted parts:

  • an edge-banded part is an alternative to MDF painted parts,
  • shorter delivery times – no need to adhere to technological processes and breaks necessary when applying paint to MDF,
  • lower purchase costs – significantly reduced labour related to the technological process and breaks during painting,
  • lower costs related to painting booths, painting technology and manning thereof,
  • more eco-friendly technology than painting.

We have been testing AdvantEdge® 
edges since February 2019 in 40 production facilities and a manufacturer of edge-banding machines in Sweden, Finland, England, Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Germany, always with perfect results.

You too can now achieve perfect edge banding with a zero gap and work more efficiently without unnecessary of time and money investments.

Simplify It. AdvantEdge®