Simply clean workshop - simply clean furniture.

8 new cleaners for perfect cleanliness.

Do you contend with dirty boards, furniture or your tools and equipment while working in a workshop? With our Hraniclean cleaner’s family, you can make your work easier and make your clients' dreams of beautiful furniture much closer. For the perfect result of your work is not only functional and design furniture, but also perfectly clean furniture.

We have 10 years of experience in developing and testing Hraniclean products, resulting in a complete range of cleaners for professional use as well as routine maintenance and home cleaning. Hranicleans will help you to clean furniture parts, finished furniture, as well as tools and equipment in your workshop.

With our range of cleaners, you can:

  • Clean adhesive residues
  • Remove pencil or alcohol marker labels
  • Clean uncured PUR adhesives and PUR foam
  • Release cured PUR adhesives
  • Remove tools from the grease or resin
  • Remove PVAc adhesives, paints, varnishes and more

Our range includes 8 different cleaning agents:

Hraniclean 01 - cleans furniture parts, finished furniture and most plastics. It can cope with residues of EVA, PO and PUR adhesives, as well as residues of contact adhesives, pencil or alcohol marker. It is solvent-free, evaporates quickly and leaves no traces on the furniture. In addition to being used in the workshop and assembly, it is also a versatile assistant for cleaning furniture as well as for normal use.

Hraniclean 03 - is a specialist in terms of uncured PUR foam and glue. It removes uncured PUR foam residues from metal application tools and some plastics.

Hraniclean 04 - ensures release of cured PUR adhesive from metal application tools. It excels in perfect cleaning power and efficiency. For maximum cleaning effect, it is necessary to leave the cleaner to act for a few minutes. It is suitable for cleaning metal surfaces only.

Hraniclean 05 - is designed for cleaning workshop equipment, it copes with grease, resin residues from sawblades, cutters, drills and machine covers. It works fast and if you let it work for a long time, it can cope with a larger layer of dirt.

Hraniclean 07 - cleans residues of PVAc adhesives, paints, dispersion paints and varnishes. It is a concentrate that is diluted with water. Due to its high efficiency, its consumption is very low.

Hraniclean 08 - is a cleaner that should not be missing in any workshop or assembly at the customer. It can be used to clean furniture parts and finished furniture, including materials with very sensitive surfaces, such as high gloss or deep matt, but it also cleans glass and plastics. It can handle not only common dirt, fingerprints and grease while assembling furniture, but also the remains of hot melt adhesives, paper stickers and labels. It is suitable for both industrial and domestic use. We also offer it in the form of a gentle spray -Hraniclean 08 Spray , which leaves no traces. It has a pleasant citrus scent and thus cleaning furniture will be pretty easy for you. You can also use this cleaner as an ideal gift for for your clients to their furniture.

Hraniclean SEP 11 - is separating liquid that forms a thin film on the treated surfaces to prevent unwanted sticking of PVAc adhesives.

Hraniclean KLZ 21 - is low viscosity slipping agent for planers which prevents undesirable wood contamination when passing through the planing machine. It can cope with resin, grease or petroleum jelly.

For further technical details and recommendations regarding our cleaners, please contact our sales representatives. We will also be happy to advise you concerning your problems with edge banding technology.