Kronodesign Trends 20/21

Discover 18 new nature-inspired edge finishes for the Kronodesign Trends 20/21 collection.

Thanks to our authorized partnership with Kronospan, we have prepared a complete set of high-quality ABS edges for the new Kronodesign Trends 20/21 laminated chipboard product collection, which is going to be launched in early 2020.

Order all 18 new decors now online:

The edges for all 18 new decors are made to look as identical with the decor as possible. All patterns were subject to mutual approval directly at the Kronospan Design Centre in Burgas (Bulgaria). The collection contains 6 groups of edge decors, for each of which you can choose from several different colour shades. This will give you the opportunity to be creative and create original modern furniture based on current trends, with which you can easily satisfy your customers’ desire for stylish furniture. Most newly patterned edge finishes were manufactured using a unique method, which eliminates the effect of metamerism. This ensures that colour shades of the edges look the same in various light conditions. To meet your requirements, we keep most of the edges of this collection on stock in the thickness of 0.45 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm, in basic widths of 22 mm and 42 mm. However, we can produce an edge in any size you require with delivery within 2-14 days.

Current trends run in such a direction that designers and architects are trying to combine natural features and materials with the modern urban environment. This new collection of edges brings you several ways to integrate natural finishes into interiors, featuring edges combining metallic and concrete look, edges with the look of rough timber planks or even subtle wood finishes with many different surfaces that will be pleasing to both the eye and touch.

  1. Flow edge decors – innovative combinations of metallic and concrete features that make up the appearance of worn material. 5 different colour shades of edges created with the new Rust surface (RT).
  2. Garage Oak edge decors – pattern of long wooden planks in various widths.
  3. Evoke Oak edge decors – edges showing the beauty and reality of imperfection by portraying realistic cracks, knots and deep wood structure.
  4. Harbor Oak edge decors – the finishes of these edges were inspired by the appearance of restored old oak wood with its origin in Venice, Italy.
  5. Aurora Elm edge decors – delicate texture and trendy warm tones make these finishes a versatile design feature, ideal for combination with different types of surfaces and materials.
  6. Castello Oak edge decors – you will be enchanted by the charm of familiar classic European oak finishes in a new modern design.