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KAINDL Trend collection


1570 SM

  • HU 10113 - ABS White Smooth 100 - 16x1mm, 19x1mm, 22x0,45mm, 22x0,8mm, 22x1mm, 22x2mm, 23x0,45mm, 23x1mm, 23x2mm, 23x3mm, 28x1mm, 28x2mm, 32x2mm, 33x0,45mm, 33x1mm, 42x0,45mm, 42x0,8mm, 42x1mm, 42x2mm, 46x2mm, 54x1mm, 55x2mm, 405x0,45mm, 405x0,8mm, 405x1mm, 405x2mm, 22x0,45mm Preglued, 42x0,45mm Preglued
  • HU 30113 - White Smooth - 16mm, 16mm MC, 17mm, 17mm MC, 19mm, 19mm MC, 22mm MC, 25mm, 25mm MC, 30mm MC, 32mm, 32mm MC, 35mm, 35mm MC, 40mm MC, 45mm, 45mm MC, 700mm, 640mm, 700mm, 16mm Preglued, 16mm preglued MC, 17mm Preglued, 17mm preglued MC, 19mm Preglued, 19mm preglued MC, 22mm Preglued, 22mm preglued MC, 40mm Preglued, 40mm preglued MC, 45mm Preglued, 45mm preglued MC

2109 BS

2125 PE

  • HU 15125 - ABS Blue Pearl 101 - 22x0,45mm, 22x0,7mm, 22x2mm, 23x1mm, 23x2mm P, 32x2mm, 42x2mm, 205x0,7mm, 205x2mm, 275x0,45mm, 22x0,45mm Preglued

2134 PE

2149 PE

  • HU 13149 - ABS Red Pearl 101 - 22x0,45mm, 22x0,7mm, 22x1mm, 22x2mm, 23x2mm P, 32x2mm, 42x2mm, 116x0,7mm, 116x1mm, 116x2mm, 275x0,45mm, 22x0,45mm Preglued

2171 PE

2507 SU

25519 BS

27045 BS

  • HU 121343 - ABS Beige Pearl XG - 22x0,45mm, 22x0,7mm, 22x1mm, 22x2mm, 23x1mm, 23x2mm, 28x2mm, 32x2mm, 42x1mm, 42x2mm, 205x0,7mm, 205x1mm, 205x2mm, 405x0,45mm, 22x0,45mm preglued, 22x0,7mm Pregl.

27166 BS


27190 BS

3306 BS

34047 NM

34136 RV

34137 RV

34138 RV

34139 RV

34140 RV

34217 RV

34323 SU

35252 AT

  • HD 244303 - ABS Natural Oak Pore - 22x0,45mm, 22x0,8mm, 22x1mm, 22x2mm, 23x1mm, 23x2mm P, 28x2mm, 32x2mm, 42x1mm, 42x2mm, 260x2mm, 275x0,45mm, 275x0,8mm, 275x1mm, 22x0,45mm Pregl.

37307 PR

37710 BS

37713 PR

  • HD 281137 - ABS Wenge Pore - 19x2mm, 22x0,45mm, 22x1mm, 22x2mm, 28x1mm, 28x2mm, 32x2mm, 42x0,45mm, 42x1mm, 42x2mm, 54x2mm, 405x0,45mm, 405x1mm, 405x2mm, 22x0,45mm Preglued, 42x0,45mm Preglued
  • HD 44623 - Black Oak Pore - 22mm, 45mm, 635mm, 22mm Preglued, 45mm Preglued

37717 AT

37728 SE

37737 NM

37744 AT

37746 AT

37754 BS

37755 BS

37769 SU

37771 NM

37965 SU

  • HD 257965 - ABS Elm Pore - 22x0,45mm, 22x2mm, 23x1mm, 23x2mm P, 28x2mm, 42x2mm, 340x0,45mm, 340x1mm, 340x2mm, 22x0,45mm Preglued

37967 SU

38932 PR

44375 DP

44405 DP

5855 PE

K4325 AW

K4326 AW

K4329 AW

K4335 NM

K4336 NM

K4337 AW

K4338 AT

K4342 RM

K4410 AW

K5413 RO

K5414 RO