Luxury furniture veneers now in 1mm thickness

Discover a new dimension of quality. Give your products an exclusive appearance and robustness.

Veneer edges play a crucial role in the manufacture of premium modern furniture. When working with veneered boards, you can't do without them. We have reacted to your requirements and now also offer selected timbers in a width of one millimetre. In this way we are giving your product a whole new dimension and moving quality up to the next level. Easier veneering, great robustness and premium workmanship even at first sight.

Discover the benefits of exclusive veneer décor.

Discover a new dimension of quality.

We present premium furniture veneer edges in a thickness of 1mm.

Technocratic or even industrial design and an almost Spartan conception of space dominate modern interiors. This modern trend permits a combination of materials such as metal, wood or glass in a wholly new symbiosis and final composition. We are monitoring the growing demand for use of natural materials in households, the public sector and public services and operations. In the case of this type of furniture, one cannot underestimate the customer's sense for detail or the requirement for robustness and greater monolithy of the materials. Not only are the demands for a completely authentic appearance increasing, but so is the demand for overall durability. And for this reason, high-quality veneer edges in a wide range of dimensions are now essential. Every furniture maker wanting to satisfy their modern clientele should be sure to include 1mm thick veneer edges in their portfolio.

Easier production.
A 1mm thick veneer edge means greater certainty during veneering and a smaller risk of damage. And for many manufacturers, lower demands on the precise cutting of veneered boards, easier correction of mistakes and unevenness of a veneered board are fundamental parameters.

Increased robustness.
The result is a robust edge allowing rougher treatment. It is distinguished by greater resilience to deformation, breaking and cracking, and it better conducts impact energy in the case of accidental damage.

Visible quality.
You can easily tell a 1mm thick veneered edge at first glance. The edge of a board is often intentionally visible, but robust workmanship evokes quality, and the furniture realistically imitates the intended solid piece. The exclusive finish really makes the grain stand out. Quality veneers from carefully selected timbers also demonstrate delicate and valued acoustic parameters when tapped.

Near to nature.
In the era of microprocessors and space flight, imitation of wood's unique grain structure is an extreme challenge. The return to natural values, popularity of natural materials and the emphasis on honest workmanship is constantly on the rise. For this reason, our veneer edges are highly popular and are an irreplaceable component in the production of premium furniture.

We cater to fashion trends and the needs of our customers. Manufacturers wanting to satisfy a demanding clientele should be sure to include 1mm thick HRANIPEX veneers in their portfolio. In addition to the already existing timbers of beech and American oak, the collection of 1mm thick HRANIPEX Veneer Edges will grow to include other popular timbers:

Veneer edge






European oak


American oak







American walnut






European maple



Give your products an exclusive appearance and robustness.

From mid-January, when the new 1mm thick dimensions will be in stock, contact your sales rep or visit the e-shop.