There is only one best solution

Do it once. The first time. Do it right.

At Hranipex, we love detail. On one hand, we know that for you, joiners, an edge isn’t something that you would lose sleep over (and if it is, one of our 120 experts is probably already on his way to help you fine-tune the edge banding process). On the other hand, we also know that if this detail doesn't work, the whole workshop comes to a halt. This is what we have strived to avoid over the last 25 years. And we are really good at it.

You are never more than 24 hours away.

To make your edge banding always work, we have an edge ready for every single one of the thousands of boards from 85 world manufacturers. The moment you’ve thoroughly considered all options and selected a material for your next project, we already know precisely what procedure and edge to apply as well as the time it will be ready for you – if it’s in stock the next day at the latest.

How come? Because a huge warehouse takes up the biggest area of our site. You are never more than 24 hours away from us no matter where you are.

You won't find any difference. Only finished work.

Why Hranipex, you ask? We are not the only furniture edge manufacturer. Not even the biggest one. But it is us who have dedicated the most attention to one key thing – matching.

In the end, this is what decides whether you've got a good day's work in the palm of your hand. If you choose a board and we hand you one of our 1,660 edges that fits like a glove, everything runs smoothly.

For a perfect fit, we have checked the matching of boards and edges with Kronospan, among others. We have become their authorized partner for the Kronospan Global Collection. Matching is guaranteed, by both Kronospan and us.

However, matching is not only about colour and pattern structure. We think about it even in such areas that you wouldn't expect. Recently we added a layer ensuring that Hranipex edges match the board pattern under any light. This is our solution to metamerism. It might sound familiar. You select the board colour in daylight, but when you check it under a fluorescent lamp in your workshop, it suddenly looks different. This won't take you or your customers by surprise again.

We are cut from the same cloth. We want perfect furniture. Like you.

You are a joiner. And that means something. Your work is your image. In joinery, as in any other honest trade, quality is what it all comes down to. Compromising on quality means losing your pride and joy in your work. This is why you don't do it. It doesn't pay off. For anyone. At Hranipex, we share the same view.

Today, most of our products are made of ABS. ABS guarantees that the edges of your furniture will withstand all the scratches and knocks that life brings. Temperature changes or high humidity won't throw them off. Your customers might also appreciate that ABS is easy to recycle and has no environmental impact.

In terms of quality, today's European standard is 1mm edge thickness. It's an obvious choice for sharp board edges. While being sufficiently flexible and pliable, they deliver on your quality expectations, don't copy the surface of the cut board and don't look as faded as 0.5mm boards. So edge-wise, you can be uncompromising.

If there is a truly detail-sensitive material in today's furniture making, it's high-gloss surface boards. This is why Hranipex has been engaged in preparing the Senosan High Gloss Acrylic board collection. We have teamed up with Senosan to create a board and an edge from the same material. They are the same, giving you a surface that looks unified and compact to the last detail. As if made of glass or polished steel.

Do it once. The first time. Do it right.

Speaking of detail, take its psychological impact. When it's right, you barely notice it. But a flaw, even the tiniest one, is a real magnet for the eyes. Impossible to keep them off it.

Maybe Hranipex is a bit obsessed with detail. True, a furniture edge is not a flight to Mars. It's not even something your customers are concerned with.